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Norman Reedus & Andrew Lincoln Get Messy for The Walking Dead's EW Cover!

Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus get so very messy while eating red velvet cake on the cover of EW‘s The Walking Dead season 8 preview issue and 100th episode celebration!

Also on separate covers were co-stars Lauren Cohan, Danai Gurira, and Melissa McBride.

“I think that last season was very painful for everybody,” Andrew told the mag. “And now you get a certain sense of a reclaiming of the old show and the swagger.”

About the show’s success, Norman said, “I never thought we would get this far. I don’t think any of us did. This show has been such a big part of our lives. It always felt like we were living it. The tears are real. The bruises are real. The friendships are real. The lines between reality and being on this show are super blurry sometimes, and it’s a big achievement for us. We’re really proud of the work that we’ve done, and it’s been a giant hard-fought blessing.”

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Kate Bosworth Opens Up About Being a Step-Parent to a 20-Year-Old

Kate Bosworth is showing off her super chic style on the cover of The Fall Issue of Who What Wear.

In the mag, the 34-year-old actress opens about her new role as a producer and being a step-parent to husband Michael Polish‘s daughter.

Kate on producing: ““Producing was a quick fit for me; I think it’s just the way my brain compartmentalizes things. I felt like I was born to fill that role, almost more so than acting, in a way, and that’s a wonderful realization because I love being in front of a camera. But I thrive more when I’m able to be a partner in some way. I’m a very solution-oriented person and a very results-driven person, and I will not stop until I accomplish my goal. I think part of my DNA is wanting to make something as great as it can be—I was the overachieving academic in school too—so now, coming to this [producing] with a certain amount of confidence and experience, I’m just excited to push it.”

Kate on her stepdaughter: “My stepdaughter is just entering her 20s, and I’m reminded of how angst-ridden and horrifying that decade is. It’s a lot of fun but also just riddled with anxiety. I don’t have many regrets, but I do feel like I learned a lot from that decade and have implemented those lessons into my 30s. One key takeaway, she notes, is the importance of seeking counsel and advice from women with more experience.”

On meeting Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg: “You never know who you’re going to bump into in the bathroom at [the Vanity Fair Oscar Party], and a few years ago, I basically attacked Sheryl when I was washing my hands. I just said, ‘I think you’re so amazing, and I’d love to know you. I have so much love for that movie—talk about empowerment!—and I was so happy that was a commonality [with Sheryl]. We kept in touch after meeting, and I think it’s a great example of putting yourself out there and saying, ‘I appreciate you and what you’re doing.’”

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Grace Gummer Credits Her Confidence to Her Bold Red Hair

Grace Gummer stylishly hits the streets in her new photo shoot for Harper’s Bazaar‘s October 2017 issue, on newsstands September 26.

Here’s what the 31-year-old Mr. Robot and American Horror Story actress, who wore Max Mara during the shoot, had to share with the mag:

On her crimson-dyed locks: “I like it red. People notice me more, and I don’t think that’s necessarily for my work.”

On her upcoming silver-screen projects: “I just filmed Beast of Burden with Daniel Radcliffe. It’s a very cool, Bonnie and Clyde–style crime thriller.” She’s also dipping her toes into comedy with The Long Dumb Road. “It was just after the election, and I wanted to laugh and make other people laugh. I’ll do whatever I can get my hands on that means and says something important to the world.”

On stepping up her wardrobe now that her career has taken off: “I don’t go to work in sweatpants anymore [laughs]. I’m a little bolder now. Maybe it’s the hair.”

On finding inspiration in contemporaries Carey Mulligan, Sarah Paulson, and Claire Danes: “They’re my friends, but I also love their work.”

FYI: Grace is wearing New Balance sneakers in image one.

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Sterling K. Brown Discusses His Emmys Acceptance Speech Being Cut Off

Sterling K. Brown takes the cover of Variety‘s new issue after his historic Emmy win over the weekend!

Here’s what the 41-year-old This Is Us star had to share with the mag:

On his acceptance speech being cut off: “I knew it was a little long.”

On This Is Us season 2: “We were happy with what we saw. The relationships are there; the beautiful struggle of humanity is there. People just trying to make the best out of a crazy life is there. So folks who are fans, I don’t think we’re going to lose anybody.”

On opportunities for black actors: “You have
to have the roles and the opportunities, but you have to have the people in that writers’ room, the creative minds behind it, to make it worthy of the consideration. To paraphrase Nate Dogg, ‘It ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none.’ I look forward to seeing other brothers step up on that stage. And hopefully myself as well.”

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Jennifer Aniston & Jennifer Meyer Cover THR's Best Designers Issue!

Jennifer Aniston and jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer are on the cover of THR‘s issue highlighting the 20 Best Hollywood Designers of 2017!

Also featured in the issue are Zoe Kravitz with Oscar de la Renta‘s Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia, Evan Rachel Wood with Joseph Altuzarra, Kirsten Dunst with Rodarte‘s Kate and Laura Mulleavy, and Olivia Wilde with Rosie Assoulin.

“It’s a company that I started completely on my own, and every year there has been growth — I’ve never borrowed a penny or gotten an investment,” Jennifer Meyer told the mag. I’ve never paid anyone to wear my jewelry — Jen [Aniston], Reese Witherspoon, Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow have all been supportive. People want a little piece of what these women have to offer, so yes, it’s 100 percent good for my sales.”

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Kirsten Dunst Says 'Woodshock' Has Been in the Works for Years

Kirsten Dunst is featured on the cover of C Magazine‘s October 2017 issue.

Here is what the 35-year-old actress had to share about making her movie Woodshock with directors Laura and Kate Mulleavy, the Rodarte designers:

On working with the Mulleavy sisters: “Well, I’ve known their work for so long as fashion designers, and every runway show feels like its own film. So, for me, they were making films already, and when it came to this film, we had prepared it together very intimately before we went out to shoot it. Once we were there, we were so emotionally in tune with each other. I was just impressed about how it felt like second nature to the both of them and I didn’t feel like I was working with some inexperienced director. I think that most directors’ first films are their best work.”

On how she prepared for the role: “I had just finished Fargo when I read the final draft of the script. I knew it was going to be an emotional journey, so I went into my own way of working with the lady that I collaborate with. I hate to call her [an acting coach] because she’s so much more than that. It’s not like we run scenes or lines; it’s more about trying to understand the unconscious mind and using dreams, books, discussions and songs to make this character as rich as possible. It’s a little like creative therapy.”

On her first impression of the script: “Well, this started a long time ago, back in 2010. Laura, Kate and I were in Italy (they were doing a show at Pitti Uomo). We were up one night and they were like, ‘We’ve been writing.’ It was actually a short period film at the time, and we read it knowing that we wanted to make something together. It was something we talked about for years before we actually made it.”

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Maggie Gyllenhaal Discusses Challenges of Playing a Prostitute

Maggie Gyllenhaal is playing the role of sex worker in the new HBO series The Deuce and she’s opening up to Harper’s Bazaar about the challenges of the character.

The 39-year-old actress is joined in her office-themed photo shoot by model Eric Rutherford. The shoot took place at Hearst Tower in New York City.

“I think that, in many cases, being a prostitute requires a huge amount of disassociation,” Maggie told the mag. “I think it’s very difficult to keep your mind intact and awake, and vibrant, when you have to disassociate so much. Not impossible, clearly, because some of the women that I talked to were totally able to do it, but I think a lot of people aren’t, and I think the consequences can be really dire.”

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