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Jennifer Lawrence Spent NYE with Darren Aronofsky in NYC!

Jennifer Lawrence may have been on television on New Year’s Eve in a pre-taped interview, but she was really spending the day having a low-key date with boyfriend Darren Aronofsky!

The 26-year-old actress was spotted going for a stroll through New York City’s Central Park on Saturday (December 31) with Darren, 47, and her pet pooch Pippi.

Jennifer and Darren began dating late last year and are rarely seen together. You can check out the new pics now on Popsugar!

During her NYE interview on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Jennifer opened up about how the media got the name of her dog Pippi wrong and that her actual name is Pippi Lawrence-Stocking.

Jennifer Lawrence Clarifies Her Dog's Name: Pippi Lawrence-Stocking!

Jennifer Lawrence appeared on Seth MeyersNew Year’s Eve 2017 special and opened up about her dog Pippi, whose full name was not correctly reported until now.

“My dog’s name is, contrary to what Vanity Fair wrote, not Pippi Longstocking. Her name is Pippi Lawrence-Stocking,” the 26-year-old Passengers actress said in the interview.

Pippi was so upset,” Jen joked. “I got a call from her publicist.”

Jennifer talked in depth about her obsession with her pet pooch and she chatted with Seth about having their dogs sit for pictures and portraits. Watch below!

Jennifer Lawrence Is Obsessed with Pippi Lawrence-Stocking
jennifer lawrence clarifies her dogs name

Jennifer Lawrence Makes Her Annual Christmas Visit to Children's Hospital in Kentucky!

Jennifer Lawrence makes a trip every year to visit the kids at a local children’s hospital in her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky and she made sure to go again this year!

The 26-year-old actress stopped by Norton Children’s Hospital on Christmas Eve (December 24) and brought so many smiles to the kids’ faces.

Jennifer donated $2 million to the hospital earlier this year and she also raised money for the American Heart Assocation and Jefferson County Public Schools via an early screening of her movie Passengers this week, according to Wave 3 News.

VIDEO: Jennifer Lawrence Loathes a Certain Celeb, Has a Nickname for Her!

Jennifer Lawrence is not going to name names when it comes to the celebrity she loathes, but she has no problem revealing the nickname she made up for that person!

The 26-year-old Passengers actress appeared on an episode of Watch What Happens Live this week and dished about the celeb she can’t stand.

Jen‘s BFF Laura Simpson, who was the guest bartender on the show, was asked to reveal the “meanest thing your BFF said about a celebrity.” Laura said that Jennifer has “a lot of nicknames for certain celebrities.”

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Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt Walk Away from Interview After Awkward Question

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt decided to wrap up an interview after they were asked an awkward and uncomfortable question.

The Passengers co-stars were speaking to Australia’s KIIS Summer Fling radio show and host Sophie Monk asked the two actors to name the most adventurous place they’ve had sex.

Chris quickly said his place was on an airplane. Jen responded by saying, “I don’t really have anything. I like being safe… that’s what really turns me on, feeling safe.”

After the answer, a rep for the actors got on the phone and said, “Thanks guys.” He also confirmed that the actors had walked away from the interview.

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VIDEO: Jennifer Lawrence Asked If She's Been with a Woman, Her Least Favorite 'Hunger Games' Movie & More!

Jennifer Lawrence went on Watch What Happens Live! and it’s as amazing as you’d imagine!

While on the show, the 26-year-old Passengers star took phone calls from fans, where she was asked if she’s ever been with a woman. She was also asked by a caller what her least favorite Hunger Games movie was to make.

The guest bartender for the evening was Jennifer‘s BFF Laura Simpson, who also helped her answer some burning questions (such as nicknames they have for an actress Jennifer hates!)

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Jennifer Lawrence Knew She Made It When Paul Rudd Asked Her to Be Friends

Jennifer Lawrence revealed the moment she knew she was famous.

The 26-year-old Oscar winner opened up about it during her recent appearance on Chelsea Handler‘s Netflix show Chelsea.

“When Paul Rudd told me he thought we would always be friends,” Jennifer said. “I was like, ‘When people look back and wonder what happened, when she changed, when it all got destroyed,’ it will be right here, at this moment. Because I have always looked at Paul Rudd and thought we’d be friends.”

Watch Jen‘s interview below!

Pictured below: Paul attends the Holiday #StockadeWorks Fundraiser with Vera and Taissa Farmiga on Saturday (December 17) in Kingston, N.Y.

Jennifer Lawrence on Chelsea
jennifer lawrence made it paul rudd friends 01
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