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Abby Lee Miller Shares Apology & Photo From Prison

Abby Lee Miller is giving fans an update from prison and clarifying reports that she will be released early.

The 51-year-old former Dance Moms reality star is currently serving a year-long sentence following her bankruptcy fraud case.

Abby took to her Instagram to share a photo from her California prison and an apology to fans.

“Sometimes in life you make mistakes I trusted the wrong people and didn’t pay any attention to things I should of. I’m more than sorry for the mistakes I have made. My world flipped upside down when I had to enter prison,” Abby wrote.

She added, “I did so with grace, the stories you read about me been a princess are untrue. I have made friends with both inmates and staff, I’ve tried to better myself, participated in anything offered to me and I am a better person for this experience. All the press stories and speculation are not entirely correct however, I am feeling hopeful but no dates have been confirmed at this time.”

“I am feeling great and ready to turn over a new leaf thank you so much to everyone for your support especially my nearest and dearest I love you all,” Abby concluded.

Dance Moms' Abby Lee Miller Is Getting Out of Prison Early

Former Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller has some good news – she’s getting out of prison early.

The 51-year-old former reality star will be released from a federal prison in California on February 20 after having served less than half of her sentence.

Abby, who was indicted on 20 counts of fraud in October 2015, is being released early for good behavior and she will be transferred to a halfway house. It’s not clear how long she will spend at the facility as of now, according to Deadline.

Cheryl Burke replaced Abby on Dance Moms amid the scandal.

Abby Lee Miller Reports to Prison to Serve One-Year Sentence

Abby Lee Miller has surrendered herself to the Victorville Federal Correctional Institution in California.

The 50-year-old former Dance Moms star is set to serve a 366-day sentence for bankruptcy fraud, according to ET.

Abby was charged with attempting to hide $775,000 of income during Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings, and was also accused of having friends carry money in plastic bags through airport security.

She eventually plead guilty and received a sentence of one year and one day in federal prison, followed by two years of supervised release.

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Abby Lee Miller Breaks Silence on Prison Sentence

Dance MomsAbby Lee Miller has broken her silence on her prison sentence during an interview with Good Morning America on Wednesday (May 10).

“A year and a day,” the 50-year-old reality star said. “It sounds like a movie title.”

After prison, Abby said she hopes to “be a smarter businesswoman and also to worry about myself.”

“I have spent so much time and so much energy making other people’s children stars. I didn’t have any children of my own…These were my kids and I raised them like they were my kids,” she continued. She claims her fraud charges were unintentional, saying, “I wasn’t ever trying to hurt anyone.” Abby was charged with trying to hide $775,000 of money made off of the Lifetime series.

She must surrender herself in 44 days and is going to get through the sentence by pretending it’s a film shoot. “I’m just going to pretend we’re shooting a movie and we’re on set and I’m there for 10 months, and that’s the way it’s going to be.”

Dance Moms' Abby Lee Miller Sentenced to Prison

Abby Lee Miler, the former Dance Moms star, has officially be sentenced to prison in her bankruptcy fraud case.

The 50-year-old reality star will have to serve 1 year and 1 day in federal prison followed by 2 years supervised release, EW reports. This all dates back to the October 2015 charges of purposely trying to hide $775,000 of money made off of the Lifetime series and her spin-off, Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition. She was also accused of divvying up $120,000 of Australian currency into plastic bags and having her friends carry the money in luggage. She’s also reportedly been ordered to pay a $40,000 fine.

Abby Lee Miller Will 'Never Say Never to 'Dance Moms' Return

Abby Lee Miller is speaking out about her abrupt exit from Dance Moms.

The reality star had actually been thinking about leaving for a while.

“This was a long time coming for me,” Abbey told People. “Nobody knew. I was just so irate…There was a lot that went on. I don’t think that [the production company] has ever been able to differentiate between my livelihood, which they think is a TV show, and my livelihood as a dance teacher with a dance studio. To me, I never know when the show is going to end. I know my dance studio is not going to end until I say it ends.”

Abbey explained that the “last straw” came when the producers staged some drama in front of people who weren’t part of the show.

“I had about 50 kids and their families at the competition that are not on a TV show and don’t get paid,” Abby said. “They were paying to be there! They’re all there and the producer…has this psycho crazy woman — who I’ve never seen, never talked to, never met her — stalking me through the audience stating things like, ‘All your team left you. They want nothing to do with you.’ In front of 50 families from my studio. He can’t understand why that would anger me! It’s absolutely nuts. That was the last straw for me.”

“Never say never,” she said about possibly returning in the future. “It just sickens me when people get creative credit with our ideas…A lot of things would have to change.”

In case you missed it, Dancing With the Stars alum Cheryl Burke is set to replace Abby on the show.